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For Utilities, Microgrids Provide Valuable ‘Security’ Zones

As we’ve reached mid-fall, weather has quickly been changing, creating a mix of strong winds, heavy rain, snow, sleet—even hurricanes and tornados. And with this instability, all of this varying weather has the potential to occur in the same region over the course of hours or days, creating particular difficulty for affected power utilities to [...]

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Breaking the ‘ICE’ on Momentary-Outage Costs

Momentary outages, which have been on the rise, are causing frustration and increasing costs for today’s users of sensitive digital technology. Utilities have avoided taking a broad approach to reduce their momentary power outages, primarily because of the budgetary impact, as they traditionally have not been allowed to recover the costs associated with improving their [...]

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3 Important Considerations When Picking a Smart Grid Communication System

Think about the last time you bought a cell phone. You probably started thinking about the functions and features you wanted to get from the phone. How were you planning on using the phone? How was its battery life? What operating system did it run, and what apps did it support? What was the sound [...]

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Smart Grids: Predictions for 2015 and Beyond

With 2014 now behind us, recent energy trends portend a future where utilities must react to stay in stride with changing market demands. These pressures, however, will not affect all utilities similarly, and certainly not all at once. Indeed, as distributed power generation grows, the subsequent disruption to the electrical grid will lead to a [...]

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48 Hours Without Power at Home

Today’s power grid is an absolutely amazing feat of engineering and the United States grid is about 99.9% reliable. But when that .1% happens, it costs power users billions. We’ve discussed Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s study on the economic impact of power outages before, which calculates estimated outage costs for electricity customers. Residential customers experience [...]

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Can Your Transformer Protective Device Clear the Most Common Type of Faults?

Protecting power transformers in distribution substations is a critical power system application. Power transformers are expensive assets with long lead times—and the need to remove a power transformer from service to repair damage can have a big impact on power reliability for downstream customers. For these reasons, it’s critical to select an appropriate primary-side protective [...]

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