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How Can We Really Support Grid Modernization?

Last year, President Obama issued a memorandum calling for a Quadrennial Energy Review, the first of which was released this May. More specifically, it includes insights on how to improve economic competitiveness, energy security, and environmental responsibility focused on energy generation, transmission, storage, and distribution. The review takes a look at threats and opportunities, and [...]

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Looking Beyond the Tried-and-True to Reduce Storm-Related Outages

The need to prepare for storms is nothing new for electric utilities. Yet today, with customers demanding better power reliability than ever, utilities across the country are under increasing pressure to better prepare their power systems and more quickly respond to severe weather. Utility readiness measures typically include tried-and-true approaches like tree-trimming programs to reduce [...]

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Microgrids: Threat or Opportunity for Utilities?

Microgrids are not just mere hype. They are indeed gaining traction globally, as more electricity customers—particularly businesses that comprise a large percentage of utility revenues—look for new alternatives to reduce costs and increase reliability. In Germany—which is currently undergoing an expensive program to phase out nuclear electricity generation while also integrating more wind and solar [...]

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Barriers to Building a Smart Future

I was recently invited to speak on the topic of energy storage at the Cleantech Investor “Building a Smart Future” conference in London, and a key theme dominating the event was the barriers still in place to building a truly smart future for the UK. The elusive nature of the term “smart grid” was a [...]

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Ready, Set, Charge: How Energy Storage Can Make Your Microgrid More Reliable

Energy storage technology has advanced significantly in recent years, with real-world use in a wide variety of applications such as renewables integration, reliability improvements, and peak shaving. Energy storage also holds great promise for microgrids. In fact, as discussed in a recently released white paper from S&C, energy storage requires a complete rethinking of what [...]

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The Modern Microgrid: Three Major Benefits

As we’ve written previously on this blog, microgrids are not a new concept. They have existed in one form or another for decades. But microgrids today provide new capabilities that offer great promise, and have sparked significant interest. Here are three major benefits offered by modern microgrids: A more resilient energy supply. Particularly following Hurricane [...]

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