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48 Hours Without Power at Home

Today’s power grid is an absolutely amazing feat of engineering and the United States grid is about 99.9% reliable. But when that .1% happens, it costs power users billions. We’ve discussed Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s study on the economic impact of power outages before, which calculates estimated outage costs for electricity customers. Residential customers experience [...]

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Looking Beyond the Tried-and-True to Reduce Storm-Related Outages

The need to prepare for storms is nothing new for electric utilities. Yet today, with customers demanding better power reliability than ever, utilities across the country are under increasing pressure to better prepare their power systems and more quickly respond to severe weather. Utility readiness measures typically include tried-and-true approaches like tree-trimming programs to reduce [...]

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Four Takeaways from Big Data in Smart Grids Panel

Last week I was privileged to chair a panel on Big Data in Smart Grids at the 3rd Annual Great Lakes Symposium on Smart Grid and the New Energy Economy at IIT’s Chicago Campus. It was the last panel on the last day of the event so I was nervous about how many people would [...]

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A Different View of the Smart Grid

What exactly is a smart grid?  You’ll probably get a different response every time you ask the question (that is, if you don’t get a blank stare).  Maggie Koeth Baker, science editor at BoingBoing.net, put it well in an article last week.  The smart grid isn’t a single thing, she wrote: “A smart grid is [...]

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Advanced Distribution Automation: It’s Here, and It’s Working

Last week, at Greentech Media’s Networked Grid 2012 conference, I was honored to serve as a panelist on the session titled “Distribution Automation 2.0.”  We had a good discussion about the state of technology for distribution automation, and advancements that are (or will) enable greater grid reliability and efficiency.  DA has also been a topic in [...]

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Checking In: How’s That New Year’s Resolution Going?

We talked a few weeks ago about New Year’s resolutions.  Well, how are your resolutions going?  Falling behind already?  It’s not surprising – many, if not most, people falter on their New Year’s resolutions. Rather than give up on your resolutions for 2012, it may be time to revisit them.  Perhaps it’s time to think [...]

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