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For Sustainability, S&C ‘LEEDS’ by Example

During Earth Day a few weeks back, I got to thinking about how much effort S&C places on ensuring its processes and strategies focus on the environment. Long before being “green” was a household term, S&C made it a point to be responsive to the environmental needs of its local neighbors and the communities in […]

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S&C Ranking Shows Strength of Company’s Workforce

S&C Electric Company recently made it to the Employee Ownership 100, earning the rank of the nation’s 78th largest employee-owned company by the National Center for Employee Ownership. The ranking is important because it highlights valuable aspects of S&C’s company culture and our workforce. Nicholas Conrad founded S&C as a privately held company in 1911. […]

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48 Hours Without Power at Home

Today’s power grid is an absolutely amazing feat of engineering and the United States grid is about 99.9% reliable. But when that .1% happens, it costs power users billions. We’ve discussed Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s study on the economic impact of power outages before, which calculates estimated outage costs for electricity customers. Residential customers experience […]

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The Story on CO2 Cleaning

You can watch a video of how CO2 cleaning works. For decades, CO2 cleaning has been used to disinfect and clean the interiors of food processing machines, strip paint off of ship hulls, and remove graffiti from walls. It is an extremely fast and effective form of cleaning that is widely used in a variety […]

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The Power of the Pilot

When it comes to power industry innovations like energy storage, tidal energy, offshore wind, and microgrids, we tend to hear about a lot of test projects, but we typically don’t see very fast adoption of new technologies. This may lead one to conclude that these “pilot” projects are ineffective in spurring change. However, there is […]

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