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Wanda Reder is Chief Strategy Officer at S&C Electric Company and previously was the company’s VP of Power Systems Solutions. She has more than 29 years of experience in the electric utility industry, holding various leadership positions in power delivery. Wanda has authored numerous articles for industry publications and regularly participates in important industry events to share her experience, stay up-to-date with current trends, and educate power system professionals. She has served on the IEEE Governing Board and the IEEE Foundation Board, and founded the IEEE PES Scholarship Plus Initiative, which has provided more than 900 power engineering scholarships since 2011. Wanda launched the IEEE Smart Grid, which now enjoys nearly 90,000 followers. She is a member of U.S. Secretary of Energy’s Electricity Advisory Committee. Wanda was named a Distinguished Engineer at South Dakota State University in 2007, was the first female President of the IEEE Power & Energy Society in 2008-2009, became an IEEE Fellow in 2012, and received the IEEE Power & Energy Society Leadership and Meritorious Service Awards in 2012 and 2013 respectively. In recognition for exemplary service, she received the IEEE Richard M. Emberson Award in 2014 and is currently running for president of IEEE (http://www.wandareder.com).
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Utilities Will Have Much to Tell About Their Grid-Performance Improvements—and Other Projections for 2016

EPB of Chattanooga, Tennessee, has an interesting story to tell. It has many, in fact. In July 2012, citing just one example, the Chattanooga region experienced one of its largest-ever storms, causing power outages to about 80,000 homes and businesses. EPB automatically restored power to 53 percent of those affected through the use of recently [...]

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Six Solutions to the Billion-Dollar Copper Theft Problem

In my previous post I talked about how copper theft impacts projects in the electric industry.  It’s easy to talk about the problems, but how can this type of theft be prevented?  Here are the pros and cons of six different solutions that can reduce the risk of copper theft: Control Access. Thieves look for easy [...]

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Copper Theft: A Billion Dollar Problem

It’s 4 a.m. on a Monday morning and you are driving to your job site to continue construction on a new substation.  You arrive as the sun is rising only to find that the fence to your material storage area is cut and your copper wire is gone.  Sound familiar?  It should, as this is [...]

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Why EPC is a Project Owner’s Dream

Engineering, Procure, and Construct (EPC) is a delivery method that is gaining momentum in both the public and private sectors of the power industry because of its potential cost savings.  Sometimes referred to as design-build, the concept behind the EPC delivery method is for the owner to have a single source of responsibility for the [...]

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The Top Five Reasons Why Managing Assets Saves Money

When faced with the costs associated with maintaining assets, it is easy to overlook the critical value this service brings to the bottom line and invest elsewhere in your grid.  Asset management is a proactive process involving the management, monitoring and maintenance of equipment.  It is critical to the continued performance and function of complex [...]

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Getting the Most Out of Your Maintenance Budget

From the day an asset is installed until the day it is removed from service, there is both a demand and a belief by some that the asset is nearly always in an “under maintained” state and more maintenance is required.  While on the surface, this may appear to be true, Asset Managers have the [...]

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