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Troy Miller is Director of Grid Solutions at S&C Electric Company. He has over 21 years of experience in the Power Engineering industry. Miller has a vast history in the application and implementation of all aspects of power electronics and power quality. Miller is a speaker at industry events for new product introductions and economic benefit analysis. He is currently responsible for Power Quality activities for S&C. These include Energy Storage, VAR compensation and Uninterruptible Power Systems. Miller holds a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from the Milwaukee School of Engineering.
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Energy Storage Market Requires an Understanding of How to Analyze Valuable Battery Data

About one year ago I described in a blog item three minimum requirements investors in energy storage systems should demand from their system integrator: bankability, deep utility experience, and a long-term strategy. Each of these, I wrote, factor in to the experience and perspective necessary to address customers’ energy storage and power system needs.

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Energy Storage Summit Portends a Market Ready for Mainstream Adoption

Through Sept. 30, some 108 MW (94 MWh) of energy storage had been deployed in the U.S. alone this year, GTM Research data show. Compare that with the 38 MW/65 MWh deployed through the same period in 2014, and you can see why the excitement over energy storage is growing as fast as the market [...]

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Energy Storage Is a Key Ingredient for All Microgrids

Recently I read where microgrids that generate half their power from solar supposedly don’t need energy storage. It might be true that they don’t need energy storage, but any microgrid developer that fails to include it in a photovoltaic (PV) project will miss out on a wide range of significant functional benefits that would help [...]

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With Energy Storage Investment, Partner Viability Matters

Energy storage is proving its value by making the grid more reliable and efficient. The market is growing, driven by demand from utilities, municipalities, and commercial facilities seeking increased reliability and low-carbon operations. Grid-scale and commercial applications such as frequency regulation, grid hardening, and demand response underscore energy storage’s long-term significance. What is now being [...]

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The Value of Energy Storage Is Clear

Energy storage is already working for the electric grid, increasing its reliability, efficiency, and capacity. As storage technologies rapidly evolve, they continue to prove how vital they are to a smart low-carbon grid, particularly in the area of renewable energy integration. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy has just announced $15 million in funding [...]

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Energy Storage Is Essential for Grid Efficiency

Utilities have always strived to balance electricity production with demand using traditional generation. Primary sources are coal and nuclear power plants along with natural gas turbines, including the inefficient and costly “peaker” plants that are used only during periods of unusually high demand, typically a few dozen hours per year. To help make the grid [...]

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