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Archive | October, 2012

Self-Healing Smart Grids and the Superstorm

A major benefit of smart grid technology—and self-healing solutions in particular—is that they can reduce and even eliminate power outages. But when we confront a massive storm like Hurricane Sandy, does this technology really help? Major sections of the power grid in affected regions experienced significant damage. In fact, in many areas, utilities don’t simply […]

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Unlocking Energy Efficiency with Energy Storage

In recent blog entries, I discussed the role that renewables can play in improving energy efficiency. The losses typically associated with renewable energy sources are modest compared to conventional electricity generation. However, as the accompanying graphic shows, renewable energy is often wasted because the fuel supply—like strong winds—are often available when demand is low. As […]

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The Power of the Pilot

When it comes to power industry innovations like energy storage, tidal energy, offshore wind, and microgrids, we tend to hear about a lot of test projects, but we typically don’t see very fast adoption of new technologies. This may lead one to conclude that these “pilot” projects are ineffective in spurring change. However, there is […]

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Modernising the Grid in a Time of Austerity

In the coming years, the UK is planning to invest on the order of £110 billion in generation and transmission and distribution assets. It’s a big investment, particularly at a period when the EU is struggling with the euro crisis and other nations globally, like China and the U.S., face either slowing or anemic economic […]

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Accelerating Benefits from Meter Data

Advanced meters continue to draw controversy, as shown by a protest against smart meters at this year’s GridWeek conference. But apart from those who have expressed privacy or health and safety concerns about advanced meters, there’s an even bigger problem for advanced meters. Regulators and utility customers are losing patience waiting to realize the benefits […]

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