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Archive | August, 2012

Five Great Apps for Power Industry Professionals

Power and electrical engineering—there may not be an app for that, but there are apps that can help make your job easier. More and more professionals in the power industry have smart phones and tablets that allow us to do more on the go. However, with a seemingly infinite number of apps available, the challenge […]

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Planning for Dynamic Voltage Optimisation Today and Tomorrow

I’ve written recently about the benefits of volt-VAR optimisation. Utilities looking to implement such a program must answer an important question: Where do we begin? Utilities seeking dynamic voltage optimisation should consider the design of their systems, ensuring they have adequately sized transformers to reduce losses, minimal splice points, and sufficient conductors, enabling the efficient […]

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A Renewable Solution for India

It was around 98°F with 75% humidity in New Delhi when the massive power outages in late July occurred. That is pretty close to the temperature in a typical steam room, so you can imagine how miserable it was as over 600 million people were without electricity to run a fan or power an air […]

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Military Renewables: Why More Than Money is at Stake

In 2011, the U.S. Army spent five billion dollars on renewable energies. But why does the Army care so much about renewable energy? The answer is simple: lives and public funds are at stake. In wartime, soldiers risk their lives protecting the convoys that deliver fossil fuels to the frontlines. The Army Environment Policy Institute […]

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The Heart of Distribution Automation? It’s the Brain

As utilities have ramped up distribution automation programs in recent years, it seems that use of the term DA has become fairly loose. EPRI has defined DA as “a set of intelligent sensors, processors, and communication technologies that enables an electric utility to remotely monitor and coordinate its distribution assets, and operate these assets in […]

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