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Archive | July, 2012

S&C’s Secret Smart Grid Ingredient: Software

I’ve been met by surprise on more than one occasion when I’ve mentioned that S&C develops and sells software. Yet software is an increasingly important part of S&C’s product portfolio. As S&C has added electronics to our switching and protection products, we’ve also integrated software that provides the logic for automated decision-making by grid-based devices. […]

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Building a Workforce to Address Modern Power Delivery Challenges

The industry faces many hurdles in building a modern smart grid, ranging from technology to regulatory. People-related challenges are another hurdle, and I’m not referring to the often-discussed topic of how the industry needs to win support and participation from consumers (although this is a considerable challenge, as we’ve talked about on this blog previously). […]

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Working Towards the Holy Grail of Unity Power Factor

Across markets globally the distribution grid is rapidly moving away from being a passive network due to the proliferation of small embedded generation (PV, wind, heat pumps etc.) as well as the imminent introduction of Electric Vehicles (EV). In order to control these networks and maintain both security and quality of supply it is necessary […]

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