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Archive | June, 2012

Why Do We Keep Hearing About Microgrids?

Just under 10 years ago, I started hearing people mention the term “Smart Grid.” It mostly revolved around people talking about the installation and adoption of automated metering infrastructure and renewables. Over the years friends and colleagues would ask me, “Why do I keep hearing about the Smart Grid?,” and I would tell them about […]

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The Top Three Benefits of Volt-VAR Optimisation Programs

Utilities across the world are increasingly focusing on distribution automation (DA) to improve grid reliability, efficiency and capacity. As energy demands increase and power-hungry new technologies such as electrical vehicles proliferate, utilities need to seek new ways to meet peak-load requirements. Volt-VAR optimisation is an increasingly popular choice, which reduces losses from distribution and hence […]

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Igniting Innovation with a Smarter Grid

Many articles discuss how new innovations are helping to create a smarter grid.  But there hasn’t been as much focus on how a smarter grid can boost innovation. Chattanooga, Tenn., may again be showing us the way.  Last week, the White House launched the U.S. Ignite partnership to foster development of next-generation Internet applications and […]

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Optimism and Predictions for the U.S. Wind Energy Industry

In looking back at the 2012 Windpower event, I’m also thinking ahead to what comes next for the wind energy industry.  It’s hard to say with certainty what will happen, since the issue of whether production tax credits (PTCs) are renewed in the U.S. continues to hang over the industry.  Regardless of how this unfolds, […]

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Changing Needs in Maturing Wind Energy Industry

It’s hard to believe that the wind energy industry could be considered one that’s maturing. But with nearly 49,611 MW of wind energy installed in the U.S. alone, the industry is turning its attention to how we can keep this installed base in good working order. Consider this: Popular development of wind farms began about 10 […]

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