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Archive | February, 2012

Optimising Energy in the UK

At S&C we work with organisations across the world and have offices in different regions.  As such we get to see who is leading, who is following and who is about to surpass other markets with sudden investment. In the UK, the government has committed to renewable energy making up 15% of the UK’s energy […]

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Evaluating Smart Grid Suppliers: Can They Get The Job Done?

The world of smart grid suppliers is complex, and seems to grow more complicated by the day.  There are start-up companies based on an interesting new product or service for smart grids.  There are large, established companies with limited electric power grid experience that offer technologies important to the smart grid.  And there are established […]

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Preventing Nuisance Fuse-Link Blowings

Nothing is more frustrating than having a distribution fuse link on a utility feeder blow for no apparent reason.  The outage that results is both time consuming and expensive to repair and can lead to unhappy customers.  Many people believe that nuisance fuse-link blowings are somehow caused by poor design or sloppy assembly.  While there […]

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