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Archive | January, 2012

Back to (Smart Grid) Basics at DistribuTECH 2012

This week at DistribuTECH, S&C is exhibiting our latest new products and software, along with expanded features for existing offerings.  I could delve into the nitty-gritty technical benefits of these offerings (of which we feel there are many), but instead, I wanted to give background on how S&C’s smart grid portfolio is evolving.  And to […]

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Smart Goals for the Smart Grid

It’s the time of year to set goals again.  I’ve seen many conversations over the past couple of weeks on goals for the smart grid in 2012—including a Tuesday Topic at Smart Grid News—and I couldn’t resist chiming in with my own views.  Since I work closely with smart grid programs and technology, I’ve been […]

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Home Energy Management: A Few More Pieces of the Puzzle

How well will consumers embrace active management of their home energy consumption?  It’s a potentially billion-dollar question in the home energy management market.  On this blog, Mike Edmonds has expressed skepticism about whether consumers are willing, or even able, to buy the in-home technology that will help them better manage energy use. I’ve seen the […]

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Can Consumers Afford a Smart Grid-Ready Home?

With the Consumer Electronics Show 2012 in swing this week, I’ve been thinking about energy management technologies for the smart home.  Someday when purchasing a new clothes dryer or refrigerator, the question won’t just be “Is this appliance EnergyStar compliant?” it will be “Is this appliance Smart Grid compatible?”  As utilities, manufacturers’ organizations and consumer […]

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New Year’s Resolutions for the Grid

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Exercise. Keep your vaccinations up to date. Cut saturated fat out of your diet. People make plenty of resolutions at the start of every new year to improve their health. Can we make similar resolutions to improve the health of the electric grid? We typically talk about a healthy grid […]

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