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Archive | 2012

Making the Holidays Merry . . . and Bright

With the holiday season in full swing, many people will take time off to celebrate with friends and families. However, critical infrastructure—including the electric power grid—will still be reporting for work. There’s no such thing as a holiday for the power grid. Communities depend on a reliable supply of power 365 days a year, 24 […]

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Hardening Electric Power Infrastructure with Energy Storage

Making electrical infrastructure more resilient has become a major topic of discussion following Hurricane Sandy. Storms of the magnitude of this hurricane get the attention of businesses and consumers who otherwise may take power reliability for granted. One of the first questions that is often asked: Why not put all distribution lines underground like in […]

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Reducing the (Physical) Footprint of Data Centers

Data center complexity is a growing issue, and it threatens to increase operating costs for these facilities. To counter these rising costs, it’s a priority to efficiently manage the complete footprint of a data center. Improved energy efficiency, for instance, can reduce both the carbon footprint and the cost of energy needed to operate data […]

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Hurricane Sandy: How S&C is Helping with the Recovery

When Hurricane Sandy struck last week, it mercilessly affected millions of people, caused tremendous economic losses, and inflicted billions of dollars of damage on homes and infrastructure. The electric power grid took a particularly hard hit, leading to millions of power outages. As a supplier of essential equipment for electric power systems, S&C is usually […]

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Self-Healing Smart Grids and the Superstorm

A major benefit of smart grid technology—and self-healing solutions in particular—is that they can reduce and even eliminate power outages. But when we confront a massive storm like Hurricane Sandy, does this technology really help? Major sections of the power grid in affected regions experienced significant damage. In fact, in many areas, utilities don’t simply […]

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