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Archive | October, 2011

Planning for EVs? Plan for Uncertainty

You’ve probably heard the old saying about forecasts—that they are always wrong.  And it seems especially true of any forecasts for electric car adoption. It’s difficult to develop a reliable forecast for EVs, given the considerable list of unknowns that will impact EV purchases in the coming years. The price of oil. Advancements in battery […]

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The Top Five Reasons Why Managing Assets Saves Money

When faced with the costs associated with maintaining assets, it is easy to overlook the critical value this service brings to the bottom line and invest elsewhere in your grid.  Asset management is a proactive process involving the management, monitoring and maintenance of equipment.  It is critical to the continued performance and function of complex […]

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The Smart Grid and the New Energy Economy

Today kicks off the first Great Lakes Symposium on Smart Grid and the New Energy Economy taking place here in Chicago at the Illinois Institute of Technology.  Personally, I’m excited.  The symposium brings together a diverse group of stakeholders to discuss the smart grid and its impact on consumers, the economy, and the environment…all of […]

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Who Has the Power: Consumers or the Grid?

Can we count on consumers to reduce energy use during periods of peak demand?  It looks questionable, at least for the foreseeable future.  A recent IBM survey revealed that 60% of consumers still don’t know the meaning of “smart grid” or “smart meters,” and 80% are unaware of “consumer energy portals.”  Moreover, consumers have protested […]

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