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Archive | September, 2011

Reliability for the Next 100 Years

This week, S&C is celebrating its centennial anniversary—and with it S&C’s engineering accomplishments, including the invention that started the company, the Liquid Power Fuse.  Back at the beginning of the 20th century, damaging flashovers following short circuits were common in utility substations, and sometimes catastrophic.  The technologies needed to interrupt short circuits and protect the […]

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What is Keeping Utilities Up at Night

The electric utility industry is changing – and it faces numerous challenges.  Here are four hotbed issues that utilities are prioritizing today: Renewable energy integration.  Nations around the world have established laws and regulations to increase deployments of renewable energy resources.  In California, for instance, 1/3 of the state’s electricity is required to come from […]

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Getting the Most Out of Your Maintenance Budget

From the day an asset is installed until the day it is removed from service, there is both a demand and a belief by some that the asset is nearly always in an “under maintained” state and more maintenance is required.  While on the surface, this may appear to be true, Asset Managers have the […]

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